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Plants Being Watered by Sprinkler

Emission Devices

Below are a few emission devices we carry. Please call for more selections.

Mini-Bubblers / Drippers / Emitters

Mini-Bubblers (AS): We have several adjustable mini-bubblers to choose from.    

  • Adjustable Stream Flow: 8 streams on a full circle and 5 streams on a half circle
  • Adjustable Umbrella Flow: 360-degree umbrella flow
  • Adjustable Vortex Spray: 360-degree vortex spray

Mini-Bubbler (AS)

Drippers or Emitters: color-coded drippers/emitters to consider

  • Global Emitters (GE) / Pressure Compensating Emitters (PCE)

Global Emitters (GE) / Pressure Compensating Emitters (PCE)

  • Flag Emitters (603) - Take-apart flag emitters (in locking position when in use)

Flag Emitters (603)

  • Inline Flag Emitters (605) - Our inline flag emitters allow you to water unevenly spaced plants or used around the tree trunk. It retains the flag emitter's take-apart feature for easy cleaning. No more clogging problem!

Inline Flag Emitters (605)

Spray Jets

Spray Jet in simple #10-32 thread: Just push and screw tight to any rigid risers. An easy choice for any low-pressure landscape projects.  

  • One-Piece Spray Jets (SJ) in 18-degree trajectory and 0-degree trajectory
  • Adjustable Jets (AJT) - with a small control valve built in to control water flow and in several water patterns to choose from, (quarter, half, full circle or misting stream)

One-Piece Spray Jets (SJ)

One-Piece Spray Jets (SJ)


Micro-Spinners (MST):

  • With #10-32 thread to be used with any length of the rigid risers. It's a good choice for nurseries, orchards, and horticultural applications
  • Color-coded thread to identify different orifice sizes

Micro-Spinners (MST)

Mini-Spinner sprinklers to connect to two sizes of pipe thread stakes:

  • (7436) can be installed to 3/8" connection
  • (7437) can be installed to 1/2" connection
  • Color-coded nozzles to identify different flow rate applications.