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Committed to Provide Top-Quality Irrigation Products & Service

The Right Fit

Connect your water channel to where it needs.

We have various types of fittings to be used with brand-named tubings and tapes.

Our products keep your irrigation systems running smoothly from the beginning to the end of the lines.

Control Water Emission

Put your water where it needs to be with our numerous emission devices.

We have the right devices for any project from orchards to flower baskets.

Keep your grass green, your flowers watered, and your fruit trees grown fruitfully.

Contact Global Irrigation to start watering more efficiently and start saving money.

About Us

Global Irrigation, Inc. in Walnut, California, is a wholesale irrigation supply distributor and manufacturer of high-quality irrigation products. We specialize in drip-irrigation products, irrigation fittings, stakes, and accessories used commonly in agriculture, turf, nurseries, commercial landscape, and home garden applications. We recognize the importance of water conservation and efficiency. Our strength lies in the diversity of drip and micro-irrigation products to be chosen from.


Never Too Dry, or Too Wet

We also have a great selection of emission devices for various watering needs and fittings to fit common brands and sizes of tubing and tape in low-volume drip irrigation systems. We aim at providing solutions to different applications for maximum results. Our product lines include low volume drippers, emitters, sprayers, sprinklers, fittings for tubing, tapes, filters, stakes, and related accessories.

Experience You Can Trust

Global Irrigation, Inc. has been in the irrigation industry for more than 20 years, serving professional dealers throughout North America and international destinations. It was founded in Washington State in the 1990's, serving agriculture and home garden needs in the Pacific Northwest region. The company continued growing and expanding its product lines. In 1995, the company was moved to central California in Modesto and then in Bakersfield to further reach out to even more agricultural areas. In 2010, the company was relocated to Southern California, a convenient shipping location for both international and domestic destinations. We pride ourselves on providing same-day shipping and great freight policy. Satisfied customers are our greatest assets.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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